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Fancy getting close to a kangaroo, an orangutan, a meerkat or two? Then we have the prize for you!
Yarra Ranges Kids has four family passes to give away to be used at any of Victoria’s three zoos – Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary.
To enter, just tell us in 25 words or less what your favourite animal is, and why.
Four winners will be selected on Tuesday 31 October and announced on the Yarra Ranges Kids Facebook page.
*Winners must message Yarra Ranges Kids their full name and address in order to receive their prize.

13 Responses to “Simply wild!”

  1. Christie Smith

    My Family love crocodiles because they are very close to dinosaurs.
    And they are great hunters and a very clever animal.
    They are amazing creatures.

    • Naomi Gibson

      Congratulations Christie! You have won one of our four family passes to the zoo! Please PM us your address on our Facebook so we can send out your prize ?to you 🙂

  2. Melinda Salomons

    My kids favourite animal is a wombat. We’ve been talking about where they live, eat & watching videos of them. And when they are injured, what to do.

    • Naomi Gibson

      Well done Melinda, you have won a family pass! Please head to our Facebook page & PM us your address so we can send out your prize ? 🙂

  3. lynnette bull

    Meerkats, because they are furry, little and so funny to watch with all their quirky habits. We love watching them on National Geographic channel too

  4. Roz Wilson

    We love penguins because they walk like our youngest son, 1yo Alfie, who also waddles with his arms (flippers) outstretched!

  5. Bethany

    Lion. Such majestic creatures. My daughter loves to see the lions as she knows they live where her Daddy is from.

    • Naomi Gibson

      Congrats Beth please PM us your address on our Facebook so we can send out your prize 🙂

  6. Sue Lee

    My daughter wrote…
    I like sheep because their wool is soft like a pillow. It would look funny without its wool because it would basically be naked.

    • Naomi Gibson

      Congrats Sue you have won a family pass to the zoo! Please PM us your address on our Facebook page so we can send out your prize ?:)

  7. Fatima

    Has to be the amusing monkeys! They are cheeky and funny to watch, swinging and playing with eachother – always makes me laugh and very entertaining.

  8. Isabel

    Amazing seals!! Very graceful as they glide through the water around you and then pop up for entertaining and clever tricks. Seal clap!!!

  9. Chie

    Bluetounge Lizard. He lives under our cottage and we like to learn about him at Healesville Sanctuary.