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By Jade Glen

Chirnside Park’s Hayley Marshall enjoys the little things – the scent of essential oils or the calming glow of her salt lamps. Mia, 6, and Nate, 3, love music and dance. Here, the Marshall family share a few of their favourite things.
Italian cookbook
My family love Italian food and this cookbook has so many of our favourite dishes that we love to cook and eat.
The Magic Faraway Tree book
This was my favourite book when I was little and I now read it to my kids before bedtime.
Salt lamp
Salt lamps purify the air and help relieve symptoms of asthma, sinus and hay fever. I have two in the main living areas of our home and they give out a warm light and calming glow.
My fitbit tracks my daily steps, sleep and calories. It’s fascinating to see how many steps I take when I’m home running around after the kids.
Pink ukulele
Both kids love music and dance. Mia enjoys singing and making up her own tunes on the ukulele.
I love burning essential oils in my aromatherapy diffuser. It makes the whole house smell nice and gives off a positive, calming vibe depending on what oil is burning.
I do everything on my ipad from banking, to online shopping to work emails. My kids have their own educational apps they use and it is also a useful thing to take away from them when they are misbehaving.
I love a nice glass of bubbles when celebrating, catching up with a friend or any mums’ night outs!
Nate is obsessed with dinosaurs, his favourite being the TRex. He can tell a stegosaurus from a triceratops and has to sleep with TRex every single night.
Both kids love making cubby houses, forts and playing hide n seek in the teepee on rainy days. It was a present for Nate’s last birthday. Sometimes they enjoy having sleepovers in the lounge room watching movies in it.

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