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Australians can’t get enough slime.
How to make slime was one of our top searched phrases on google last year.
It appears we love slime so much, that four versions of the same question hit our top 10 searched questions – how to make slime, how to make fluffy slime, how to make slime without borax and how to make slime without glue.
Last year most of us were more interested in making slime than buying bitcoin.
This recipe is a traditional slime that uses both borax and glue, which can be found in your local supermarket – although I’ve never bought borax before so had to hunt the laundry aisle. It makes a nice thick slime perfect for poking, squishing, squelching and rolling; the same consistency as I remember buying from the toy shop many years ago.
After we had finished playing with it, the slime went in to a Tupperware container in the pantry, where it is still going strong.
Mess factor: 3/5
Once it’s been formed in to one mass of slime it’s fairly mess-free, but if your child likes to pick bits off and flick them, as mine did, you could be finding strange little slime balls for a few days afterwards.


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