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Yarra Ranges Kids Magazine has one Very Busy Bag to giveaway this winter.

Valued at $49.95, the reusable calico bag contains 9 carefully selected, high quality, age-appropriate unisex toys that your kids will love.

Jam-packed with everything you need to keep your kids occupied, take it anywhere you need to wait or need some time for yourself.

Very Busy Bags are designed for children aged 2-5 but bags for younger toddlers can be made on request.

To enter, head to and tell us what keeps your children very busy!

Competition closes Friday 20 July 2018.

To find out more about Very Busy Bags and to browse the range, visit

11 Responses to “Win a Very Busy Bag!”

  1. Christine stewart

    I have 2 very strong will boys nearly 4 and nearly 2 with lots of energy. So being out side keeps them busy. How with winter and being rainy we don’t get outside as much so we are always looking for fun inside Activities.

  2. Georgina Di Gregorio

    I have two little girls, Presley aged 6 and Eva aged 3. We were just reading the Yarra Ranger Kids mag and my girls got excited when they came across the picture of your Very Busy Bags!
    My girls love anything crafty and arty! They love to make pictures for their friends and family.
    They would be so excited to win a bag!! Here’s hoping!! 🤞

    • Jade Glen

      Thanks Georgina, you are our lucky winner!
      Please get in touch so we can post you your prize.

  3. Grace Yeo

    Apart from involving my children to help in chores, they love to read, create and play hard. To keep their minds busy, I give them lots of great books that they do not get tired of reading again and again. For the kinetic learner, I prepare craft materials and supplies. They are free to help themselves to create something new. It does not need to be expensive as we use things around the house like cereal boxes or glass jars for glass art.
    Other than that, I leave hands-on activity packs on shelves at their eye level so that they can always help themselves. These range from play doh, kinetic sand, self directed science projects, to puzzles and board games.
    My children are usually very busy and I hardly hear them telling me they are bored!

  4. Chantel Trager

    My 3 year-old daughter just loves going to the local library. Choosing books and colouring in keeps her happy and busy.

  5. Nina S.


    to keep kids busy you can get them new things OR “jazz up” old activities (which is more practical):

    -suggest to colour in with crayons, textas UNDER a table. Just attach the paper under any table (think sticky tape, bluteck) and they could try to colour in while lying down
    -make a bath and add cooked PASTA into it. Additional few cups and containers and kids will be busy for some time!
    -when using playdoh, ask kids to find leaves , small brunches, stones etc and add it to the play. It provides a new twist and helps to develop imagination and creativity.

    Give it a go!

  6. Angela

    My 3 year old son absolutely loves playing outside. Whether it be stacking wood with Dad or trying to keep up with his older siblings on his bike. We also like to rug up and find new hiking trails each weekend that the kids absolutely love.


    instead of using a table cloth cover the table with a big sheet of paper and the kids can draw and pay naughts and crosses great for wet weather when stuck inside.

  8. Nanny

    I have 8 grandchildren ranging ages 10 – 2 . Activities for visiting include getting out the craft box, blocks, farm animals, dinosaurs and reading books, and colouring books. Old fashion activities are very popular: threading cotton reels on wool. Counting buttons in nannys button tin and separating them into there colours. Summer activities include beach bucket with water and paint brush at paint nannys back fence, emptying, counting and sorting pegs and collecting treasures from the garden. Skips, fish,and old maid are great for the older ones.

  9. Tanya Cruickshank

    We do lots of craft, sport, reading, etc to keep busy but one activity that kept my son busy for a really long time was trying to find a way to get a toy dinosaur out of a ball of ice!

  10. Jethro Sagewood

    My name is Jethro Sagewood, and I’m 2 years old. Things that keep me busy are blowing bubbles, dancing, making rhythms with sticks and found objects, playing with play dough to create spaces for all the little animals I have to live in, kicking a ball, and giving my little 2 month old brother kisses on the head whilst reading books. I have a great life!