Ask Gran Not Google


A new federal government initiative launched on National Grandparents Day is encouraging Australian students to “Ask Gran Not Google”.

The idea is for young Aussies to turn off their phones and instead seek answers from grandparents, neighbours and residents in aged care facilities.

To date more than 150 schools across Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania have registered for Ask Gran Not Google.

Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, said it was a way to link the young and old.

“Ask Gran Not Google is a touching reminder to young people and the wider community that the internet is far from the only source of valuable information in today’s world,” he said.

“While many questions are delivered via written postcards, the new government funded Virtual Seniors Centre offers the option of connecting the generations through video conferencing.”

The Ask Gran Not Google program is being driven by aged care provider Feros Care, through a $487,500 three-year Strong and Resilient Communities Grant.

“Both Ask Gran Not Google and the Virtual Seniors Centre are better connecting our communities and fostering a culture of respect that our senior Australians deserve,” Minister Wyatt said.

“They can meet people, share knowledge and have new experiences, all from the comfort of their homes.”