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Health experts have launched a campaign warning parents about the dangers of baby walkers and jumpers.

The campaign, by Kidsafe and South Australia Health, urges parents reconsider the use of the popular products, despite being commonly sold in Australian stores.

“Baby walkers can be dangerous because they allow babies to move quickly around the house and gain access to things that are normally out of reach,” Kidsafe Chief Executive Officer Holly Fitzgerald said.

“Baby walkers don’t help babies learn to walk because they don’t allow babies to balance or use their muscles properly.

“The best thing parents can do to help their baby’s development is to let them spend plenty of time on the floor in a safe space where they can learn to roll, sit up and crawl.”

SA Health’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nicola Spurrier, said they had seen cases of developmental delays, particularly when walkers or jumpers were used in excess.

“Excessive time in walkers and jumpers teaches babies to stand up on their tip toes, causing their calf muscles to tighten and affecting their ability to walk, and in some cases requiring treatment with casting or surgery,” Dr Spurrier said.

“Babies miss out on valuable floor time when spending too much time in walkers and jumpers, bypassing important development stages such as rolling and crawling.”

For more information, visit Kidsafe HERE

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