Swimming lessons crucial for water safety

Formal swimming lessons are crucial when it comes to water safety.

By Dani Galvin

A new survey has found young Australian adults believe they have benefited from swimming lessons as children and a public education campaign around water safety.

The figures, commissioned by Kingswim, also revealed some worrying statistics about older Australians.

Sixty per cent of those aged 65 years or over undertook swimming lessons either though school, swim school or from family members, or can’t swim at all.

“The survey found that people who had lessons as a child through two or more channels (for example, from swimming school, family or friends or at primary or secondary school) are more likely to feel their lessons were adequate,” Kingswim marketing manager Rowena Thomasson said.

“Close to half of 18-24-year-olds say they had swimming lessons through three or more channels, with 84 per cent believing they received adequate swimming lessons as a child, demonstrating how crucial it is for children to receive professional swimming lessons in addition to anything taught at home.”

Kidsafe Victoria CEO Melanie Courtney reminded parents children can drown in just a few centimetres of water, and said swimming lessons are crucial to keeping kids safe around water.

“Swimming lessons, together with active adult supervision of children – both in and around water – first aid knowledge and a compliant and well-maintained pool barrier are critical elements in keeping your family safe over the coming summer season,” she said.