What I’ve learned being pregnant for the second time

By Danielle Galvin

Someone asked me recently when my due date was, and I had to stop and think.

After pausing for a good few seconds, it suddenly came to me.

It’s a situation I would never have found myself in when I was pregnant with my daughter, three years ago. I would never have forgotten, because it was always at the forefront of my mind.

Everyone tells you how different it is second, third, fourth time around.

When I had my daughter, it consumed me. Not in a bad way, but I found it difficult to think of anything else.

A friend of mine who is also pregnant and has a toddler of a similar age, summed it up well to me recently.

“During my first pregnancy, I was obsessed. This time, I don’t have as much time. Sometimes I forget I am pregnant!”

As I begin the next stage of my parenting journey, complete with an active, ever-energetic toddler, a job and plenty more on my plate (as we all do) I’ve learned a few things.

1. Rest is important! There are no cheeky naps after work. And when your first-born is sick, and you’re heading into your seventh sleepless night, the only remedy is to take it easy.

2. I am in danger of being too confident. Oh, I’ve been here before, I know it all. WRONG. A few early complications during this pregnancy, and the fact it has been a very different pregnancy, reminded me of this.

3. I don’t have many questions. At my most recent midwife appointment, with everything now running smoothly, I couldn’t think of a single question to ask her. I felt guilty!

4. It’s nice to be a little more relaxed and at ease. The challenges are different, but I know how little control I have over so much of this journey, so much so that I’m quite at peace with how it goes. I know not to panic with every minor bump in the road, and there’s not anxiety about the birth (yet).

5. Sharing this journey with my daughter and partner is pure magic. As a nearly three-year-old, she’s aware of what’s happening, and she asks daily to pat my growing belly. It really is lovely and I won’t ever take it for granted at how lucky we are.