Mum wouldn’t change a thing about her identical, fraternal twins

By Melissa Meehan

When Rhiannon McLachlan first found out she was pregnant her partner Tem joked that it could be twins.

But it soon became a reality when a dating scan revealed the pair were set to grow their family by two.

“The sonographer says ‘I’ve got news for you’ and I say ‘it’s twins isn’t it?’,” Rhiannon says with a smile.

“And I just started crying – I was thinking ‘I don’t know how to look after one baby, how will I look after two?’”

But on the way home the couple started to think about all the positives about having twins.

They knew they wanted to kids and this meant Rhiannon could return to netball and work quicker, go on holidays sooner.

But the avid Kilsyth netballer says she couldn’t imagine life being any other way.

Summer and Scarlett are now 22 months old and Rhiannon loves being a twin mum.

The duo are fraternal twins, but identical at the same time – given the medical term of dichorionic diamniotic DC/DA.

“Basically they had their own separate housing when I was pregnant, so appeared fraternal – but they came from the same egg,” she said.

“They had their own sac and placenta, but in the end the placenta’s fused together.”

It’s a startling statistic that 30 percent of so-called fraternal twins are actually identical – just like the Olsen twins.

“It wasn’t a surprise for me, because mum knew about it and all the research said that if they were both girls there was a chance they could be identical,” she said.

“But there wasn’t a test available when I was pregnant to find it out so I had to wait until they were born and that test confirmed it.”

Luckily for Rhiannon her pregnancy was straight forward.

She had no morning sickness whatsoever and worked up until the day she was induced.

She planning on breastfeeding them but it didn’t work out.

“Its definitely easier now – when they are babies the challenge is trying to hold two crying babies at once, which is hard,” she said.

“I cried a lot during the first six to 12 weeks.

“I had all these ideas about not wanting to form bad habits – but I should have just not worried about that.”

The girls are about to make their big screen debut, starring in Judy and Punch movie to be released later this year.

Rhiannon and Tem had no real plans to get their daughters involved in show business, but a friend tagged them in a casting callout on social media and it went from there.

“They were the right age, Caucasian and the same sex – they didn’t ask for identical twins,” Rhiannon said.

“So I sent a photo and they contacted me within a day and we met the director shortly after.”

A dark comedy, Rhiannon laughs that it’s probably not one she would let the girls watch until they are older – but enjoyed the experience.