The cost of kids parties

Parents don't mind splashing a bit of cash when it comes to children's birthday parties.

Children love celebrating their birthday and parents don’t mind spending a bit on making the occasion memorable.

Research shows Aussie parents spend an average of $270 on kids birthday parties.

Interestingly, many mums and dads feel pressured to throw Insta-worthy parties for their kids.

Seven out of 10 who responded to a Real Insurance Australian Family Values Survey agreed that social media and celebrities have put more pressure on parents to throw visually impressive parties they can share with others online.

But apparently you can go too far when celebrating your child’s birthday.

Around two in five parents admit to judging other mums and dads on their child’s birthday party or other celebrations for being too extravagant.

On the flipside, less than 10 per cent of parents said they had judged other parents on putting on celebrations that were too modest or simple.

When it comes to gifts, parents spend an average of $185 on their own children.

But how much should you spend on presents for someone else’s child?

According to the research, we spend an average of $46 on our children’s friends birthdays. With the average child attending around eight parties a year, the costsw can add up quickly!

But thankfully it’s still the thought that counts, with nine out of 10 parents agreeing with this sentiment.