A classic day out


Paintballing is the perfect summer day out for the kids! In amongst the eucalyptus, you prowl from tree shadow to tree shadow. You can smell dirt. You hold your breath. Your heart is pounding a bit too fast. You hear a branch crack and fling yourself to the ground – but it’s too late. You’ve been hit and you’re now splattered with green paint.

In a world where children are increasingly indoors and in front of screens, getting out into nature and being physically active has never been more critical. Being active and outdoors has a positive impact across emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing for people of all ages.

About PaintballGames

Established in 1988, PaintballGames has been serving up the best paintball experience to Melbourne for over a generation. Paintballing is a real classic day out and something that the whole family can enjoy, including children over the age of eight years.

Each of PaintballGames’s three venues is situated in unique landscapes within an easy commute from Melbourne. Cockatoo is set in dense rain forest 50 minutes from the eastern suburbs. Ballan combines acres of bush scrub and is only 40 minutes from northwest suburbs. Finally, the purpose built paint balling facility in Coldstream is surrounded by bushland and is only 30 minutes from the eastern suburbs.

Why go paintballing this summer?

Aside from being great fun, PaintballGames gives young people the opportunity to develop skills related to coordination, strength, stamina, agility, strategic thinking, communication and teamwork. It gives young people the chance to get in amongst the trees; to get dirty and sweaty and use their bodies. It gives them the chance to fall down and then to get back up again. PaintballGames will give your child the chance to build resilience. They will develop self-confidence and discover a side to themselves – delightfully paint splattered – that they may not have seen before. There are so many reasons to get out paintballing with your kids this summer!

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