5 things you must do when moving with young kids

A tent town of boxes

Comment by Melissa Meehan

If I ever have the chance to go back in time and talk myself out of selling and moving house with two kids aged two and under – I would.

Not only was keeping the house in pristine condition for the six week sales campaign a massive adventure (and not possible without the help of my mother-in-law), but it was crazy.

A box castle fit for a princess

And then there was the move…

Sure, it was less than 10 minutes down the road. But packing a house up when you have two little kids to look after is madness.


I swear every time I even thought of starting to pack a box there would be a terrible two meltdown or the baby would decide she would need to be held for the entire day.

And let me tell you – packing a box with one hand and holding a 10kg baby in the other does not make light work.

And to top it off – the youngest ended up in emergency the week of the move.

A hospital visit right in the middle of moving.

I’m no expert and we definitely didn’t do it without tremendous help from our families – but here are five things you must do when moving house with young children.

– Start talking about the “new house” early

It is a big change. So involve young kids in the process. We made sure we did a few drive bys and visits before moving in so the space didn’t seem so foreign. And we made it exciting for my oldest daughter who was allowed to choose her room.

– Pack their toys last

I cannot begin to tell you the meltdown we had when we were packing items my oldest daughter all of a sudden had a strong bond with. Like when I packed some empty Tupperware that we would occasionally keep some crackers in. Screams of “give it back” will haunt me for the rest of my days. So imagine the absolute shambolic attempts of packing her soft toys on the morning of the move.

– Get them involved in the packing before moving in

In the early stages of the move I would try to pack a box or two while my youngest was napping. This meant Miss Two had to be kept busy too. This involved making many box castles, tents for her babies and box cars to keep her entertained.

A tent town of boxes
– Get a babysitter for moving day

I didn’t do this. But we had SO much help from family with the actual move. So I went to my parents’ house for the morning while everyone was doing the heavy lifting and returned with lunch.

– Keep your cool while moving and in the lead up

It’s easy to get caught up into the stress of the move. But there is no point on taking it out on the kids, and even if you manage not to do that – they can feel the stress too and carry it with them too.

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