Children’s book highlights dangers faced by koalas

Sarah Eccleston has worked with koalas at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for nearly 22 years.

Have you seen a tree for me?

That’s the title of a new children’s book that highlights the modern dangers koalas are facing in the wild.

New Holland Publishes and koala expert Sarah Eccleston have joined forces to raise awareness about the species’ plight and the ways we can help protect them.

It’s a timely book given Australia’s koala population has drastically declined following the devastating 2019/20 bushfire season.

Its launch also coincides with Save the Koala Month this September.

Sarah has been a koala specialist at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast, for nearly 22 years.

The book follows Enzo the koala, based on an actual koala that lives at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sarah helped raise three-year-old Enzo since he was a joey.

It was their special bond that inspired her to write Have You Seen A Tree For Me.

The book shows examples of the dangers Koalas face in the wild – loss of habitat, the introduction of domestic animals, and then of course roads” Sarah says.

“Some of the most important koala habitat is just disappearing before our eyes. I really just want to save these guys,” she said.

“That’s my passion. I’ve done my part now, so I need to leave a legacy to ensure that the younger generation are looking after them into the future.”

Have You Seen A Tree For Me, by Sarah Eccleston and illustrator Jenni Goodman, New Holland Publishers, RRP $19.99, available from all good book retailers or at