Tesselaar Flower Farm still blooming

Rory, 2, and Toby, 6, checking out the Tesselaar Flower Farm. Picture: Stewart Chambers

Tulips every colour of the rainbow are in full bloom at the Tesselaar Flower Farm.

Usually parents and children travel to the attraction to see the dazzling display over the September school holidays.

However, this year there are no crowds as the Tesselaar Tulip Festival has been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Our photographer Stewart Chambers was fortunate enough to visit the farm at Silvan to take some snaps of this year’s tulips. Youngsters Rory and Toby were there to show him the way!

The good news is that planning is already underway for next year’s Tesselaar tulip and Kabloom festivals.

Make sure you pop the following dates in your diary…

  • TESSELAAR TULIP FESTIVAL: September 12 – October 11