Unprecedented interest in homebirth

Before the Covid-19 pandemic had hit – Yarra Valley Midwives Lisa Wraith and Robyn Partington had a holiday planned.

Some time off from their busy schedule to put their feet up and relax.

But it wasn’t to be.

With constantly changing rules during the pandemic, Yarra Valley Midwives had an unprecedented number of women seeking homebirth as an alternative to birthing in a hospital.

“Yarra Valley Midwives as well as all other Private Midwives in Victoria have experienced the same phenomenon,” Lisa said.

“We had so many women who just didn’t feel comfortable about giving birth in hospital during the pandemic and with the changing restrictions many were worried they’d have to do it alone, without a support person,” Lisa said.

So they cancelled their holiday and worked hard to ensure they could help as many pregnant women through the pandemic as they could.

The nature of their work meant Lisa and Robyn are often booked many months in advance, but cancelling their holidays meant they could help women in May and June.

Upwey mum Michelle Wise was one of those women.

And although they missed the birth, Michelle said knowing that she could deliver her baby safely at home free from restrictions and illness was exactly what she needed.