Mum uses her own experience to help acne sufferers

Melbourne mum Judy Cheung-Wood started her own business based on her experience with teenage acne.

By Melissa Meehan

When Judy Cheung-Wood was a teenager, she suffered terrible acne.

And it followed her into adulthood.

“I started all of the brands at the supermarket but I found they ended up irritating my skin, so by the time I was in uni I was using very expensive products – I didn’t care if the bottle was $50 and when it didn’t work I just kept trying he next product,” Judy told Kids Today.

“So it got to the point that I had exhausted the market and I was reading some research about the benefits of vitamin B5 and I was absolutely fascinated.”

From there, this busy Melbourne mum of one started her holistic business, called SkinB5 that saw her win the gold in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Global Brand Award as well as a silver for product innovation and multicultural business excellence.

“For decades, no one challenged the conventional approach to treating acne – using harsh chemicals to kill bacteria associated with acne breakouts, merely managing the symptoms,” Judy said.

“These wins showcase the traction that we have made and help refuel our passion to help acne sufferers with our nutraceutical Australian made products.”

SkinB5 is an Australian made skincare product composed of derma-nutraceuticals, which treat acne holistically without side effects.

And it now has health professionals are recommending SkinB5 as an alternative to prescription acne medication.

The patented vitamin formula found in SkinB5 addresses the underlying causes of acne rather than just the symptoms.

Thousands of acne sufferers have left 5 star reviews and they call SkinB5 a ‘game changer’.

“In healing my own skin, I’m deeply driven to help others confidently present their full face and vision to the world,” Judy said.

It is no surprise she went down that path either, her grandfather was a chemist and manufacturer of natural skin products too.

She believes she has inherited his expertise and passion for traditional, nutritional medicine and creation of natural skincare products.

It is no mean feat creating a skincare empire with a young daughter in tow, she’s now seven, but Judy says it’s really important to set aside some me time.

Judy built the business from a ground up, launching online with no advertising.

However, with a little help from her friends at AusTrade – who invited her on an international trip to sell her wares before she even had a product.

“We had an idea, but no product – so we had to get that sorted before we went on that trip,” she said.

Now, she sells her product worldwide, includes Singapore, Philippines.

“I always use the philosophy of putting on an oxygen mask on yourself when in a plane before you out it on your child, and in life I think we have to do that,” she said.

“I actually schedule a walk every day in my calendar because it doesn’t happen otherwise.”

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