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      What we do

      We aim for the transformation and resolution of your difficulties, way beyond “managing the problem.” Effective psychotherapy helps you experience strength, meaning, and confidence in your own power to improve your life.Our Psychologists provide you with the tools to change negative and destructive patterns that inhibit your relationships and success in your life. These tools can help you achieve positive outcomes now and in the future.

      Having a skilled and caring psychologist focus solely on you and your concerns is always reassuring. Your psychologist will also share new knowledge and skills to help you strengthen your resolve and capacity to confidently meet and work-through your challenges.



      Adolescent And Children Counselling


      The friendly and experienced psychologists at YVP provide a safe place to hear your concerns. They can help you decide if you would like anything to be different in your life and how this might happen. There is no pressure to speak about things that you are not ready to talk about or to make any changes you don’t want to make. Counselling involves many techniques to help you when you are facing difficult times.

      A child-adolescent psychologist is a bit like a coach. Athletes at the highest level of achievement have coaches – obviously not because they can’t play. It is because they recognise that a coach, who has knowledge and experience in certain aspect of their sport, can help them understand how to better improve their skills and performance.

      Psychologists are experts in understanding emotions, thinking skills and communication skills, all very useful in the sport of life. They can also help you understand other experiences that you may be having and that you find confusing or frightening.

      Child-adolescent counselling is a confidential process. Our psychologists are dedicated to helping their young clients in the most efficient and speediest manner and will always discuss the need for sharing information with their client (child-adolescent) when it is likely to be helpful. If a parent would like to discuss progress please be aware that in order for the young person to feel safe and comfortable in expressing him or herself they need to feel that their privacy is respected. We also acknowledge that parents-caregivers are invariably concerned and wanting to help in a positive way. Our psychologists strive to negotiate with their clients non-intrusive disclosure of information while maintaining the privacy and dignity of the young person. The exception to this is when the young person is at real risk of harm.

      The initial counselling session may take up to 1 hour or more as there is a lot of information your psychologist will need to understand in order to best help you or your child. Following sessions will be 50 minutes or less.




      6 Convenient Locations across Melbourne, to serve you better

      Here is a ready reckoner to choose the Yarra Valley Psychology Clinic nearest to you. Choose from our 6 convenient locations – Nunawading, Lilydale, Melbourne, Boronia & Hawthorn, across East Melbourne.

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